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Drum Circles are creative, cooperative, hands-on music making events for everyone to participate and enjoy. No previous musical experience required. All instruments provided. High energy, tons of fun, and everyone gets to participate.

Drum circles are a collaborative progression. We begin with an icebreaker and musical warm up, are introduced to the instruments and techniques, and begin playing together as an ensemble. As our confidence and connections increase, greater emphasis is placed upon improvisation and creative self-expression. We progress from playing patterns in unison, to polyrhythms, and cooperative improvising. The musicality of the group evolves from following instructions, to co-creating the music, to becoming a self-directing percussion orchestra. Members of the group are empowered to lead the finale.

Drum circles can be facilitated for celebration, teambuilding, leadership, appreciation of diversity, or theme of your choice. Like life, the entire progression of the drum circle is challenging, exciting and rewarding, and the music is always surprisingly unique and beautiful.

Please provide an adequate location with a high tolerance for volume, appropriate lighting, heating and/or cooling, and chairs for each of the participants. Suggest minimum of 20 participants. For groups larger than 100, an amplified sound system may be needed. Drum circles are typically 90 minutes, but can be as short as 30, or as long as 120.

Drum Circles

Drum Classes provide participants with African djembe drumming techniques, listening skills, rhythmical patterns, games, and musical arrangements.

Classes can be designed for rhythmical development, playing techniques, stress relief, or celebration. Can be a one-day session or a series. Can be designed as a drum party or learning environment.

Djembe classes may also include advanced rhythmical arrangements, solo phrasing, and techniques for playing at faster tempos. Private lessons and consultation available live in person and via Skype.

Please provide an adequate location with a high tolerance for volume, appropriate lighting, heating and/or cooling, and chairs for each of the participants. Suggest minimum of 10 participants for drum classes.

Drum Classes

Crowd Energizers revive your group during an arduous day of seminars and classes. Using lightweight instruments or body percussion, a 15 - 30 minute activity is a refreshing way to get your group moving (and thinking) again. Can also include motivational stories from Cameron’s travels or content of your choice. Suggest scheduling just prior to the keynote address.

CT: “Large scale crowd energizer events are some of my favorite activities to facilitate. I am fascinated by the acoustic challenges of working with large assemblies and large facilities (e.g. stadiums). If you have a large group and a photogenic location, I would love to design a unique event for your population, and if we can share video, significant rebates may be possible.”

Crowd Energizers

Drum Circle Facilitator Training

Drum Circle Facilitator Training can be scheduled as one day seminars, weekend long intensives, or ongoing instruction. Content is a combination of DCF techniques of Arthur Hull, Cameron’s games, exercises, and rhythmical arrangements, and African-style community consciousness. DCF trainings are designed for personal and group empowerment. Training seminars are built around the “demo, discuss, do” model of participatory learning and discussion. Can be designed for facilitating a specific population (e.g. community drum circles, youth in schools, collegiate assemblies, professional groups, etc.) or universal facilitation skills applicable in all situations. Can be designed for individuals with previous teaching and rhythmical experience or those who want to begin.

Instrument Inventory includes djembes, tubanos, ashikos, frame drums, dununs, cowbells, ago-go bells, scrapers, shakers, blocks, BoomWhackers, and all appropriate sticks and mallets. We maintain enough instruments to accommodate drum circles and percussion classes for as many as five hundred participants. Larger assemblies can be accommodated with adequate preparation. Body percussion and crowd energizer events can be designed for assemblies of several thousand participants, or larger.

Performances may also include congas, shekeres, tongue drums, or a Hang.

Instrument Inventory

Biggest challenge booking an event is the calendar. Many events are booked months in advance. Please provide the (1) date/s (2) number of participants (3) location (4) length of event time and (5) desired outcome.

Pricing is calculated through a combination of the factors listed above. Event expenses may also include food, lodging, shipping, transportation and insurance, if necessary.

Booking and Pricing

Drum Circles and Rhythm Events

Conferences, Festivals, Gatherings

Camp Haverim, Santa Barbara, CA

Chumash Reservation, Santa Ynez, CA

Community Drum Circle Aarau, Switzerland

Community Drum Circle YouCan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2013, 2014, 2015

Community Drum Circle Bergamo, Italy '09

Community Drum Circle Calw Stammheim, Germany '09

Community Drum Circle Felton, CA

Community Drum Circle Fredericksburgh, VA

Community Drum Circle Honolulu, HI

Community Drum Circle Laufenburg Primarschule, Switzerland 2011

Community Drum Circle Lenzburg, Switzerland

Community Drum Circle Percussion Village, Milan, Italy '09

Community Drum Circle Mokuleia, HI

Community Drum Circle Omega, Nevada City, CA

Community Drum Circle Remo Recreational Music Center, North Hollywood, CA

Community Drum Circle Rome, Italy '09

Community Drum Circle Salt Lake City, UT

Community Drum Circle Santa Barbara, CA

Community Drum Circle Santa Barbara Drum Day, CA

Community Drum Circle Santa Cruz, CA

Community Drum Circle Star Jasmine Music, Santa Barbara, CA

Community Drum Circle Swindon, England

Community Drum Circle Whistler Mountain, BC, Canada

Community Drum Circle AfroPfingsten, Winterthur, Switzerland 2009, 2008, 2007

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference 2009, 2011, 2013

Drum Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 2012, 2013, 2014

DrumStrong 2010 at Remo RRMC, CA

Earth Day Celebration UC Davis, CA

Earth Day Celebration UC Santa Barbara, CA

Gwendolyn and Jeff's Wedding, Santa Barbara, CA

Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2015, San Antonio, TX

Royal Family Kids Camp, Frazier Park, CA

Royal Family Kids Camp, Santa Barbara, CA

Royal Family Kids Camp, Oxnard, CA

Solar Cookoff, Quincy, CA

World Rhythm Festival, Seattle, WA 2005 - 2015

World Scholar Athlete Games 2006, 2011


American Express

American Radio Systems


At Home Network

Bank of America

Bell Tone Technologies


Citrix Online

Ernst and Young

Excite at Home

First Franklin Financial

Frequency Technology



Group Health Cooperative

Java One

Joie de Vivre

Kaiser Permanente

Las Vegas Best Entertainment


McCown and Delleuw

McCue Systems

Mercedes Benz

Modus Media


Pacific Bell


P.E. Infomatics




Quest International


Silicon Graphics Inc.


Sun Micro Systems


Thru-Put Technologies


University of Toyota


Aurora University, IL

Benedictine University, IL

Brandeis University, MA

Bryant College, RI

Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, NY

Butte College, CA

California Institute of the Arts, CA

California State University Monterey Bay, CA

College of the Holy Cross, MA

Framingham State College, MA

Green Mountain College, VT

Johnson and Wales University, Downtown, RI

Johnson and Wales University, Harborside, RI

Kent State University, OH

Massachusettes State Colleges, at Worcester State College, MA

Mesa Community College, AZ

Mills College, CA

Moravian College, PA

National Collegiate Athletic Association, Regional Leadership Conferences:

- Dallas, Boston, Indianapolis, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Newark, Pittsburgh

National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Leadership Conference, Orlando, FL '01,'04,'05

National Collegiate Athletic Association, University of California at Berkeley, CA

Pacific University, OR

Portland Community College, Cascade, OR

Portland Community College, Sulvania, OR

Portland Community College, Rock Creek, OR

Rutgers University, Camden, NJ

Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, WA

University of California Santa Barbara, CA

University of California Santa Cruz, CA

University of Missouri at Kansas City, MO

University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV

University of Redlands, CA

Young Harris College, GA

Elementary Schools




Bonny Doon

Boulder Creek

Cesar Chavez Charter


Cold Spring

Community Children's Center of Santa Cruz






J. C. Washington Child Development Center

Junipero Serra


Laufenburg Primarschule, Laufenburg, Switzerland

Makawao, HI

Marin Montessori

Mar Vista


Mintie White


Montecito Union

Monte Vista

Mountain View

Novato Charter


Peabody Charter

Quail Hollow




San Lorenzo

Schloss Kasteln, Oberflachs, Switzerland

Tamalpias Valley

Uni Hill, AZ

Vine Hill

Waldorf of Santa Cruz


Zuni, AZ

Middle and Secondary Schools

Escuela Quetzal, AZ

Gambetta Middle School

G.B. Kirby Middle School

Goleta Valley Junior High

Grace Cathedral School for Boys

Juan Cabrillo Middle School

Missouri Association of Student Councils, MI

Santa Barbara Junior High School

Wilcox High School


Joe's Crab Shack, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Shorebird, Honolulu, HI

Zooshi Sushi, San Antonio, TX

Drum Circle Facilitation Training

Cameron Tummel's DCF Trainings:

Herrenberg, Germany, 2004

Lenzburg, Switzerland, 2008

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference 2009, Prescott, AZ

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference 2011, Myrtle Beach, SC

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference 2013, Monterey, CA

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference 2016, Myrtle Beach, SC

Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) 2015, San Antonio, TX

YouCan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2013

Teaching Assistant and/or Mentor for Village Music Circles DCF Trainings:

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 1995

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 1996

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 1997

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 1998

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 1999

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 2000

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 2001

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 2002

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 2003

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 2008

Facilitators' Hawaii Playshop, Oahu, HI, 2015

Djembe Classes

Arts Alive, Santa Barbara, CA

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

California Learning Center, Santa Barbara, CA

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference 2011, Monterey, CA

Everybody Drum, Fredericksburg, VA

One World Drum Co, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Pulse Drumming, Ventura, CA

Remo Recreational Music Center, North Hollywood, CA

Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara, CA

World Scholar Athlete Games 2008, University of Rhode Island, RI

World Scholar Athlete Games 2011, University of Connecticut, CT

World Rhythm Festival 2009 - 2015, Seattle, WA

YouCan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"When my home burned in the Tea Fire of 2008, all business contacts and records were lost. I'm trying to reconstruct a complete list, and appreciate assistance. If you participated in an interactive rhythm event that still needs to be added, please send the name of the group, location, and the date we played together. Thanks!" ~ CT

Cameron Tummel is a drum circle facilitator, DCF trainer, djembe player, djembe instructor, rhythm teacher, recording artist, composer, motivational speaker and author. Requests, collaborations, and inquiries welcome.

“Drumming is for healing, communication, strengthening relationships, and entertainment. I feel blessed to have facilitated interactive rhythm events with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The joy and music I have been able to share are a testament to strength of the drum skills and facilitation techniques I have learned from my teachers. Thanks to Arthur Hull, Abdoulaye Diakite, Malik Sow, Randy Gloss, and my other mentors, I am able to lead interactive rhythm events with people of all cultures, ages, sizes, shades of color, and socioeconomic strata. After twenty-plus years of this global career, my greatest discoveries are how much we all have in common; that our similarities as earthlings far outweigh our differences. If I can continue to use my skills to increase the amount of connections and love we all share, then I will consider this a beautiful life well lived.” - C. Tummel.

Clients and Events