Instrumental World Percussion CD

From powerful West African djembe and dunun drums to the gentle tones of the Swiss Hang, playful body percussion to heartfelt drum prayers, shekeres to rainsticks to Nepalese singing bowls; Waterfire is a celebration of rhythms and sounds from around the world.

Waterfire contains ten tracks of all-original world percussion.
The bonus track, Love, is a spoken word poem.

Cameron: "I’ve been studying and playing for twenty years, and this CD is a compilation of all my favorite instruments and styles. I spent more than two years working on it, and am inexpressibly pleased with the final product.

Kudos, love and respect to my recording engineer and co-producer, Robinson Eikenberry, and to Eric Conn at Independent Mastering. Thanks to them, the sound quality is astounding. The better your sound system, the more you’ll enjoy it.

For this project I played djembes, ashikos, dounduns, talking drums, shekeres, shakers, blocks, bells, the Hang, body percussion, rainsticks, singing bowls, chimes, and more. There are ten instrumental tracks and a bonus track on the CD. 100-percent, all-original, instrumental world percussion."

“In Waterfire, Cameron displays an amazing array of different percussion sounds, and expresses himself in a very unique and beautiful way. Throughout the CD I felt like I was being taken on a mind trip through different beautiful moods and scenarios, and many times I would be pleasantly surprised by the mood changes, like “Wow! Didn’t see that coming!' Waterfire is a great CD to listen to or to have as extra ambiance. I highly recommend it!"

- Liron Peled (Percussionist/Composer/Producer, Raquy and the Cavemen)

“Intelligent, soothing, and well grounded percussion music."

- Jules Dylan Stuer (Owner/Operator RhythmWeb.com)

Album Credits:

Cameron Tummel - all music, percussion, compositions, arrangements, graphics, co-producer
Robinson Eikenberry - recording engineer, co-editor, co-producer
Eric Conn at Independent Mastering - mastering
Matt Chenot - photography
Tammi Clenard - layout and digital artwork

  1.  Droplets
  2.  Dawnprayer
  3.  Rivers
  4.  Cyclone
  5.  Noonprayer
  6.  Waterfire
  7.  Sizzle
  8.  Inferno
  9.  Nightprayer
10.  Embers
11.  Love

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