Welcome to 4/4 Vol. 2

Fundamental Djembe SOLOS - 4/4 Volume Two

By Cameron Tummel

Resources to Recharge Yourself

This album erases the line between “instructional recording” and “music.”


Designed for intermediate and advanced players, Volume Two of Fundamental Djembe Solos 4/4 has fancier riffs, more sophisticated solo phrases, and the opportunity to practice playing at faster tempos. You can enjoy listening to it, study it as a tutorial resource, or use it as background music to improvise your own licks.


All the tracks have full arrangements with bells, dunun, and accompanying djembe/s so you can practice playing your leads within the sound of a drum ensemble. All the information is presented in musical call-and-response, play-along format. Each solo phrase is demonstrated at a moderate tempo, then played again at faster tempos, enabling you to learn and practice at the speed that is best for you.


- Welcome explains how to use and enjoy the recording

- Tracks 2 – 10 demonstrate dozens of djembe solo patterns

- Djembe Solo demonstrates the material as an uninterrupted solo performance

- Let It Rip lets you be the soloist


Up for the challenge?

I hope you enjoy playing with this recording as much as I enjoyed making it.





The Fundamental Djembe series of instructional recordings will include five (or more) full albums, and I need feedback from players of all levels of experience. The more test drivers, the better. Please join the Mailing List, try out the tracks, tell me what worked for you, and p-l-e-a-s-e offer any suggestions you may have to make it better. The Mailing List is also how I send out notices about favorite resources, performances and public events.



*Check out the Play-Along videos on our Videos page! *

  1.  Welcome to 4/4 Vol. 2
  2.  Warm Up [4/4 Vol. 2]
  3.  Riffs One
  4.  Riffs Two
  5.  Riffs Three
  6.  Call the Break
  7.  Phrases One
  8.  Phrases Two
  9.  Phrases Three
10.  Solo Challenge Three
11.  Solo Challenge Four
12.  Djembe Solo [4/4 Vol. 2]
13.  Let It Rip

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