Fundamental Djembe

Fundamental Djembe provides everything you need to go from beginner to intermediate: 24 Play-Along tracks for learning and practicing the most essential West African djembe rhythms, and 3 performance tracks with inspiring solos.

Each rhythm is spoken and demonstrated slowly, played for a few minutes at a moderate tempo, then played again at a faster tempo, enabling you to learn and practice at the tempo that’s right for you.

- Crystal clear, easily accessible demonstrations.
- All rhythms written in easy to read format.
- Full color illustrations of the three fundamental sounds of the djembe.

  1.  Welcome
  2.  4/4 Passport - Intro
  3.  4/4 Passport - moderate
  4.  4/4 Passport - fast
  5.  Intro to 6/8 Passport
  6.  6/8 Passport - moderate
  7.  6/8 Passport - moderately fast
  8.  Intro to 6/8 Plane Tickets
  9.  6/8 Plane Tickets - moderate
10.  6/8 Plane Tickets - moderately fast
11.  Intro to 4/4 Traveler's Checks
12.  4/4 Traveler's Checks - moderate
13.  4/4 Traveler's Checks - fast

14.  Intro to 6/8 Traveler's Checks
15.  6/8 Traveler's Checks - moderately fast
16.  6/8 Traveler's Checks - fast
17.  Intro to 4/4 Gift
18.  4/4 Gift - moderate
19.  4/4 Gift - fast
20.  Intro to 4/4 Fancy Gift
21.  4/4 Fancy Gift - moderate
22.  Intro to Fundamental Dununba
23.  Fundamental Dununba - moderately fast
24.  Intro to Fundamental Kuku
25.  Fundamental Kuku - moderately fast
26.  Kuku
27.  Dununba

“Fundamental Djembe gave me in six hours what I learned from my first African djembe teacher in six months. The CD provides the beginner player the foundational learning platform, which in turn makes any West African Djembe rhythm accessible. I wish I had something like this before I ever studied with any African drum teacher.”

- Arthur Hull

"This is a fantastic learning resource for anyone interested in learning to play a Djembe drum. Cameron is a very skilled player and an excellent teacher. This CD offers the listener an easy & practical approach to learning the fundamental West African djembe patterns. If you learn these patterns and you will experience a significant leap forward with your skills. I highly recommend this CD to all my students. It’s simply perfect!"

- Pamela Lynn

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