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Cameron Tummel "can take a group that is disorganized, not listening to each other, lacking cohesion, resistive, and completely transform them within a few minutes.”

– Kat Fulton

As an out-of-box team building exercise, drum circles can quickly teach diverse individuals to harmonize, and Cameron brings a unique leadership style to this type of event. Cameron is a Village Music Circles certified drum circle facilitator, and has facilitated rhythm events for more than 500,000 participants. Accused of being a master facilitator, he often ducks behind his drums and YouTube projects, pretending to be "just a djembe player," but his resume includes Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Bank of America, Young President's Organization, dozens of colleges, hundreds of schools, an MFA in World Percussion, twenty years of presenting at the World Rhythm Festival, and teaching drum circle facilitation clinics in several different countries. In short, he's running out of places to hide.

Cameron has studied West African culture and history for twenty-five years and has skinned more than five thousand drums. After ten thousand hours of practicing and three drum sabbaticals to Senegal, his djembe skills don't suck too badly. Tummel is the creator of the Fundamental Djembe series of instructional recordings. Cameron has performed live with masterful drummers Abdoulaye Diakite, Babatunde Olatunji, Randy Gloss, Houman Pourmehdi, Malik Sow, Jose "Pepe" Danza, Magatte Fall, Solo Soro, Monette Marino, Mickey Hart, Arthur Hull, Gordy Ryan, and many others, and is currently in a world percussion ensemble with James Waterman and Josh Linsky.

Cameron recently received his Master's degree from the highest ranked World Percussion program in America, California Institute of the Arts. There he spent two years studying with Randy Gloss, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, Victor "Nani" Agbeli, and other brilliant percussionists. While completing his MFA curriculum, Cameron founded and directed the CalArts Djembe and Dance Ensemble, made two videos about wiggling his eyebrows, and was a composer and soloist in CalArts' World Percussion Ensemble.

Prior to CalArts, Cameron spent twenty years facilitating interactive rhythm events for colleges, businesses and schools. He has been awarded financial sponsorship from the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation's Education Outreach program every year since 2001 to provide artistic enrichment for thousands of students in Santa Barbara public schools. Cameron's work in schools all over the northern hemisphere triggered many of the "master facilitator" allegations that have begun to run rampant. Further, he has been hired for private drum circle facilitation mentoring by professionals in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and England. Tummel was recently selected to present the annual drum circle facilitation clinic at the Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) 2015 and is currently composing the next two volumes of the Fundamental Djembe series. During the few hours he is not drumming or sleeping, Cameron also loves his partner Sybille, surfing, writing, and sharing excellent food.



Pro Bio

Cameron Tummel is a professional percussionist and drum circle facilitator dedicated to the rhythmic development of individuals in colleges, businesses, schools, and communities. Tummel has an MFA in World Percussion from California Institute of the Arts, a BA in History and World Religions from the University of California at Santa Cruz, is a Village Music Circles certified drum circle facilitator, and has twenty-plus years of global experience as a clinician, facilitator and performer.  Among the masterful drummers Cameron has performed with are Abdoulaye Diakite, Babatunde Olatunji, Randy Gloss, Jose "Pepe" Danza, Malik Sow, Mickey Hart, and Arthur Hull. Cameron hosts interactive events for thousands of participants annually, produces instructional recordings and videos about djembe drumming, and is currently publishing testimonials of drum sabbaticals in Senegal, surviving the Tea Fire, and other transformative experiences. Cameron Tummel's music, videos, blogs, and instructional recordings are online at

"Cameron Tummel is the best representation of what a drum circle facilitator should be: fully trained, community committed, well rounded and globally experienced."

~ Arthur Hull
Author of Drum Circle Spirit and Drum Circle Facilitation 
Creator/Producer of instructional DVD Drum Circle Facilitation
"The Father of Modern Drum Circles."
"HIRE THIS GUY FOR YOUR TEAM! I know Cameron as a drum circle facilitator and drummer. He is out-of-this-world. He can take a group that is disorganized, not listening to each other, lacking cohesion, resistive, and completely transform them within a few minutes.

The work he does with groups is unmatched, and I would hire him in a heartbeat. Benefits you can expect from working with Cameron include team-bonding, restoration, playfulness, returning to work with a new perspective, better productivity, leadership development, and enhanced communication.

You will be so glad to have Cameron work with your group - I couldn't recommend him higher."

~ Kat Fulton
Visionary at MusicTherapyEd.comhttp://www.musictherapyed.comshapeimage_15_link_0
"Great job Cameron. This client was really tough, but you made it happen. You were very professional and the client absolutely loved you."

~ Veronica Valdez
Director of Sales, Accounting and Production
Las Vegas Best Entertainment
"During a DCF conference in Myrtle Beach in 2012, I watched Cameron facilitate a circle at a local high school, and was blown away at his facilitation abilities. I hadn't seen anything done on that level before, and it all seemed effortless. I made it a mission to spend as much time around him that weekend as I could. His direct teaching, depth of knowledge, and attention to detail stuck with me. Two years later, I started to get busy doing drum circles, and realized I needed to take my craft to the next level, so I sent Cameron a message. From our first interaction until now, his mentorship has been a life changing experience. He has been to Edmonton two years in a row now, and my growth as a facilitator has been exponential; our drum community has become larger and stronger, and people have traveled from all over western Canada to join in the fun. In everything Cameron does he brings his integrity, love, and passion, and it's absolutely infectious. I am grateful that Cameron has helped me make drumming my living, and brought together an entire community, but most grateful I have a friend of such quality."

~ Lucas Coffey
Executive Director and Facilitator 
Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm
"It was an experience that reinforced much of what the [NCAA] Leadership Conference tries to teach: respect for the contribution and diversity of others; ways to effectively change the direction of the group without hitting a sour note; how to influence others to help create change; and how to recognize the importance of everyone's contribution."

~ National Collegiate Athletics Association 
National Leadership Conference
Orlando, Florida 2001
"Cameron is, without question, the finest Drum Workshop Trainer/Facilitator I have ever worked with. He is also an outstanding drummer. Cameron has an amazing way of teaching using his technique in a gradual manner that not only brings results but is lots of fun. I have seen him work with children and adults. The adults have as much fun as the children."

~ Morris Danhi, BSEE, MA
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"Cameron has this way of leading you from the business of your head to the rhythm of your heart. He's fun, entertaining and builds strong community." 

~ Richard Flank
Verto Project Manager
YOUCAN Youth Services
"IT WAS AMAZING!!!! My first drum circle ever, and I was totally blown away by your leadership. I loved being led by someone who exudes joy like you do. It was such a gift to be in your presence doing what you love and sharing your gifts with all of us. It was really inspiring. THANK YOU. "

~ Kathleen Dillon 
After the Drum Downtown Drum Circle 2014
"You asked me to tell you how I enjoy and/or use your CD Waterfire... I LOVE it! I play it to and from work on most days...and it grounds me. I bask in "Cyclone" its deep rumbles! Your spoken word grounds me and reminds me of integrity and compassion when I sometimes feel less than able to offer that...and then I get a grip on myself and return to that good space again... Thank you for gifting our world with your gift!"

~ Janina Skutle Carlstad